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moreMarket Activity

Belgrade City Markets (JKP Gradske pijace) conducts its business as a Public Utility Company, whose business activities are as follows:

• maintaining and equipping the markets and market facilities, leasing the facilities and premises on the markets for the sale of agricultural produce through wholesale and retail arrangements;

• building and reconstruction of the markets and market facilities, procurement of market equipment and devices for the sake of development with Company resources and the resources provided by the Founder;

• leasing the facilities and premises for sale of the craftworks, handiwork and other commercial products and livestock, pursuant to legislation;

• setting up, maintaining and leasing street stalls and kiosks on the places assigned for the retail sale of commercial goods;

• keeping sales records related to agricultural produce and monitoring price trends in the private sector, for the sake of statistics.

moreMarket History

The first market in Belgrade named St. Andrew’s market (more commonly known as the Big Market) was founded in 1824 at Students’ Square. By that time, the farmers brought their products to the City entrances for sale, but the Turkish soldiers forcibly bought their produce and then sold the products in the City at much higher prices.